“Halloween Every Day” – Another Halloween Treat

Last Halloween I got to thinking about all of the real monsters in the world. They wear masks every day of the year.

“They hide what’s inside, the darkness behind their eyes.”

“Halloween Every Day” begins as paranoia, slowly unlocking a dark reality.

“Illusions, I’m terrified. They found me, I’ve got to hide.”

There is a feeling of being watched and the monsters become more real as the song progresses. Finally the chase begins. The monsters seek to recruit the innocent soul to the other side. I imagine a bridge leading to a darker world; their world. The innocent soul runs from the monsters, ending up on the bridge between good vs. evil. Heartless voices call their name and the hungry eyes craftily watch.

You probably want to know what happens next. 🙂

The situation seems a lot like what you would see on the Sci-Fi channel, but I think it happens all the time. People stand on the bridge between darkness and light in everyday life. Some choose dark, some light.

Back to the story, the monsters draw in closer and the innocent soul jumps from the bridge to the cold water below. The drop is far and the water is deep, but the innocent soul comes up to the surface…and takes in a desperate breath of bitter air. The full moon lights the way home and finally the madness is over.

But it’s not. The madness never stops. The monsters will always be here, leading us to the dark places and tempting us to cross over.

They watch and wait; we don’t even know they’re there.

It’s Halloween every day.

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