Kelsey Mira’s passion for music can be traced back to the tender age of 7 after battling a deadly case of bacterial meningitis. As she recovered it became clear her short-term memory had been severely affected due to the massive swelling of her brain. For several years Kelsey struggled with retaining new information she learned throughout the day, especially in the classroom at school. 

At a time when neurologic music therapy was an understudied topic, her neurologist had suggested putting everything to rhythm and melody. He conveyed to her parents that the creative side of her brain would make new connections and essentially re-wire the injured part of her brain. Music suddenly became her preeminent saving grace. She began to see music in color. Math formulas, locker combinations, exam study guides and anything new that she struggled to retain, became a song. 

Kelsey helped an entire class in high school pass one of the most difficult exams based on formula memorization in pre-calculus by teaching them a song to remember the formulas. To the astonishment of their teacher, everyone passed. The class was accused of cheating until they began reciting the song Kelsey taught them. It was then that Cameron Knight of The Cincinnati Enquirer started writing a story on her and her small town of Mason, Ohio began to comprehend the magnitude her extraordinary recovery. She met a recording engineer who showed her the ropes on how to run her own sessions and work a board and DAW. At age 15 she began producing her own music and performing with a soul band around town. She went on to sing in the selective, May Festival Youth Chorus conducted by James Bagwell. It was clear that Kelsey would dedicate her life and career to music.

Kelsey received a full scholarship to study vocal performance at Xavier University where she continued to thrive, using the power of music in all of her subjects. She became the first freshman to make it into the prestigious 8-person choir, Schola Cantorum directed by the renowned, Scot Buzza. She also tutored many students in music theory, which she tested out of due to high scores on the AP exam. 

During college she became known at Xavier as students caught on to her musical gifts and would request permission to sit outside of her piano room to listen to her creations. Kelsey had continued to perform around town throughout school and her opera coached urged her to sing exclusively Opera. It was then that Kelsey moved on to study many other genres of music, including rock and pop. 

She put 2 bands together of some of Cincinnati’s finest musicians and started playing more heavily around town. She became the youngest performer to play at the infamous Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, where she and her band had a residency for years. Her band played corporate functions for thousands of guests and her original band grew a large fan base in Cincinnati, OH. She then released her self-produced album of songs she wrote herself, and played for hundreds of guests at The Woodward Theater, backed by her 7-piece band.

During the time she was performing with her bands, Kelsey started her Vocal Lessons With Kelsey Mira business, which she currently still runs. She teaches voice, piano, music theory, sight signing, ear training, and songwriting. She also incorporates her own method of teaching to help students struggling in school to learn through music. She has helped students make superior ratings at Solo & Ensemble, get callbacks for The Voice, make honors choirs, get leads in musicals, and more. She has also helped students struggling in school to put exam studies to music, improving their grades, using the tools that helped her through school.

Currently, Kelsey can be heard performing at 208 Rodeo where she has a residency, located at the famous intersection in Beverly Hills: Rodeo Dr. and Wilshire Blvd. Here she has become known as the ‘Popera’ singer, singing all different styles of music at one of the most well-known tourist spots in the world.

Along with performing regularly, Kelsey is sought after as a session vocalist. She is the solo vocalist on the video game, Darksiders Genesis which came out on December 5, 2019. She is also the singer on the E3 trailer for Gods & Monsters and her voice will be featured on the games, Gods & Monsters and Ori and the Will of the Wisps coming out in 2020. Her work with composer, Gareth Coker has been raved about in the gaming world and her talents that mingle with the classical, pop, and Broadway worlds have her working on many upcoming cinematic projects for video games, TV/Film, and more. Kelsey collaborates on music for song placements, for artists, and music libraries. She is sought after for her talents as a session singer who can read music and she has the versatility to sing both opera and pop, as well as crossing many other genres. She is also a respected lyricist, topliner, and composer. 

Kelsey is currently living in Los Angeles and working on her latest album, while teaching students online from all over the world.