Kelsey Mira’s passion for music can be traced back to the age of 7 after battling a deadly case of bacterial meningitis, which affected her short-term memory. As she recovered, she put everything to rhythm and melody, which essentially re-wired the injured part of her brain.

Kelsey went on to receive a full scholarship to study vocal performance at Xavier University where she continued to thrive, using the power of music in all of her subjects. She became the first freshman to make it into the prestigious 8-person choir, Schola Cantorum directed by the renowned, Scot Buzza.

While in Cincinnati, Kelsey managed two bands of some of the most respected musicians and played heavily around the city. She became one of the first females leading a band to take residency at places such as Jeff Ruby’s and Top of the Park. In Cincinnati, she released her original, self-produced album at the Woodward Theater with a 7-piece band, drawing in hundreds of local fans.

During her time in Cincinnati, Kelsey pivoted her talent and knowledge in music to provide private vocal, songwriting, music theory, and piano lessons. She continues to teach online music lessons to students all over the world and also assists students as a tutor, using her creative and musical method of learning to help those who are struggling in school. 

Kelsey has the versatility to sing both opera and pop, as well as crossing many other genres and this has her sought after for her abilities as a session singer. She is also an esteemed lyricist, topliner, and composer. She is the lead vocalist on video games, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Darksiders Genesis, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Luma Pools). 4 of Kelsey’s songs were recently placed in a film called Just One Life. Kelsey is also working as a songwriter, composer, and session singer on TV/Film projects and resides in the Los Angeles area.