New Halloween song! – 2014 Collaboration with Fool’s Chaos

It’s that time of year again and Fool’s Chaos and I have collaborated on another Halloween song! This year’s Halloween song is called “Walk The Night” and it’s an epic Halloween themed gothic disco anthem!

Lyrics, vocals, and vocal melody by Kelsey Mira

Music and Production by Fool’s Chaos. Check out his website below and listen to more of his compositions!
Fool’s Chaos

Halloween 2013′s Song was Mortality – If you enjoyed this one, check out that track too! - Mortality

This is my 5th collaboration with Fool’s Chaos and our second Halloween song! We both are huge Halloween fans and love creating dark, mysterious music. It is such a thrill working with Kevin. He is an amazing writer and producer. His music always creates an atmosphere, pulling the listener in. I love that feeling when we finish a song together! We are a good team and I absolutely love working with Fool’s Chaos!