“Winter Paradise” – collaboration with Fool’s Chaos

I am very excited to post a new collaboration I have been working on with Fool’s Chaos. Fool’s Chaos is electro dance rock music with funky slap bass. Though primarily a professional bassist he is also a multi-instrumentalist that uses different musical tools to craft his songs. He is such a phenomenally talented musician and from Cincinnati too! I encourage everyone to check out his music!

Main Site: http://soundcloud.com/fools-chaos

SoundCloud: http://www.foolschaos.com/

In “Winter Paradise,” the colors in the sky change to grey as the once vibrant world freezes over; frozen in time. Still memories paint the cold walls of a foreign place, so static and dark, but astoundingly brand new. Sometimes change can be beautiful and a once cold and lonely place becomes a journey through a winter paradise.

Here is our song we wrote called “Winter Paradise” 🙂